How to Make the Perfect Pour Over

I am going to offer your three great sites to get this answer and let me tell you why.


In the sixth grade my English teacher, Mr. Roberts, assigned a writing assignment entitled “How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” The goal of the lesson was to teach us to think sequentially  and then to write clear instructions.  I don’t remember what grade I received but I do remember not liking the assignment because of the level of detail and specificity he required. When explaining the assignment he used as an example, “if you write the instruction: remove the bread from the bag,  this instruction would be wrong unless you provided the instruction: untwist the tie keeping the bread bag closed.”


So as I read through the above mentioned websites, there wasn’t a lot I could add and probably would  truncate, gloss over or leave out some steps. But as someone passionate about learning, I’m really good at highlighting the important steps.


Focus on Facilitating the Bloom. So as you read the instructions or watch the video recognize that the bloom is the key to a great pour over. This is the process of slowly wetting the coffee mass inside the filter; the hot water causes the coffee to expand outward.  The point of a pour over is to extract subtleties in the coffee not captured by drip coffee method. The bloom is vital to the process. Remember this is a skill not unlike playing hacky sack – it takes practice.


At Sip Java I generally feature a single origin coffee that has unique flavor characteristics that are truly enhanced by the pour over method. This week we have El Salvador Josefita Natural from  Ataco, Ahuachapan one of the most traditional coffee regions in El Salvador. The coffee possesses the following tasting notes: mandarin orange and blackberry jam flavors. The roaster is one of our favorites: Anodyne Coffee out Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


P.S.  If you are out for coffee with someone and they add milk and sugar to a pour over without even tasting it – well they probably should have ordered drip coffee.